The Importance of the body at the funeral

We hear it all the time.  Who wants to view the body and be sad?  It's much easier to view an urn or nothing at all. 

This is a struggle that we have more often than we would like. 

As providers of funeral service, we understand and see the impact that viewing your loved one can bring you.  Yes, it is hard and difficult and brings emotions about that you may not even know that you had in you. 

A funeral is a time of mourning, crying and even down right wailing.  It is not a time of 'celebrating' or having a party.  Our minds can not logically grieve our loved one in that type of atmosphere.  We are not wired that way.  Allow yourself to grieve properly. 

Here is a short video to help explain this further.

The Importance of the body at the funeral by Dr. Wolfelt.

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